Virtual Cryptocurrency Tip Jar (Opensim)


This is a 3d model of a Bitcoin with scripted functionality for performers/educators/content creators to accept tips/donations via a variety of cryptocurrencies.

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Cryptocurrency Tip Jar:
Bitcoin is the most well known cryptocurrency. It allows people to send money anywhere in the world, quickly, securely, and anonymously, for little to no cost. There are many other cryptocurrencies that also provide privacy, security among many other features.

The easiest way to start using Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency is to register for an account at Coinbase, Bitfinex, or other only cryptocurrency wallet hosts. There are hardware wallets like JAX, Ledger Nano, etc. They have plenty of instruction on how cryptocurrency works, how to use it, and how to send and receive money through it.

Quick join link to coinbase:
o join Binance:

This tip jar is a highly detailed model of what a bitcoin might look like if they had real existence. The script gives out your bitcoin wallet address to tippers so they can send you a tip in bitcoins to your wallet address. It does no payment processing. It is important that you put the correct and entire bitcoin wallet address for your wallet to ensure tips reach you. The addresses provided in the example below, and in the params file when you receive this is Mike Lorrey’s wallet addresses, so be sure to change it if you don’t want him to get tips that should go to you.

In the params notecard, make each line specify a cryptocurrency name first, then the wallet address for that cryptocurrency, separated from its name by a colon character, with no spaces…

Thus as an example:

(The wallet addresses provided are those of the creator, so change them if you don’t want him to receive donations meant for you!!)

Then reset the script and you should be good to go. Click the coin to test it. Make sure  that each wallet address provided correlates to the proper currency you pick in the blue dialog menu.

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